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Generally referred to as simply "avali", and as "elves" to most of the human population, the araye'avali have been the world leaders for several millenia. Their creation beliefs tell that they were created at the dawn of time by Ava (AH-vah), who breathed small parts of her soul into some of the primitive humans. Ava, so the stories tell, created them to bring beauty and harmony to a coarse world, to be the stewards and caretakers for all species therein. They were made to be strong, wise, beautiful, resistant to disease, keen of eye and ear, and long of life. She also blessed them with her magics, giving them power over flesh and forest, fire and space, mind and matter.

The first avali created were strong in her spirit, and were powerful in all aspects of avaian magic. As the generations passed their magics began to diminish in a harsh world, and so Ava chose to stay with her blessed children — sharing more of her soul with those she believed worthy. Because the unblessed humans were filled with distrust, fear, and jealousy, she created the companion races to aid the avali in creating an empire of goodwill and generosity. Ava continued to watch her children, from generation to generation, sometimes taking an avatar in order to speak and walk amongst them. Almost half a millennium ago, however, Ava — like all the other gods — disappeared.

Love for Ava is central to the nature of an aval — they are a very spiritual people. They are also a very moral people, believing in tolerance, service, kindness, beauty, and aiding those less fortunate than themselves. Unfortunately the avali would do well to take to heart the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Their desire to bring advancement to other races (along with some goodhearted advice on right and wrong), has often been poorly received. For such a calm and genteel people they have managed to be involved in many wars — and have won most of them thanks to their catastrophically powerful magic.

Physical Characteristics

  • An aval averages around 5'7". A millennia ago they were taller than humans, but lately they are actually a wee bit on the short side. Avali have excellent metabolisms, and so are consistently lean, fit, and full of energy. They are capable of becoming thick and muscular, but rarely do so as their muscles are superbly efficient without being bulky.
  • Eyes are slanted and faces are usually sharp featured.
  • Skin tones are caucasian. They can tan and even burn, but are usually relatively pale. Hair color ranges from white to black, and can and will change throughout their life.
  • Avali have far superior night-vision to humans but have inferior color perception, so the world appears somewhat dull-colored to them.
  • The pointed ears of an aval have superb directional hearing, i.e. an aval desn't necessarily hear more than a human but they can pinpoint the source more accurately


Tropical forests are their preferred homes. They not only enjoy the warm climate, but adore the brightly colored flowers, birds, frogs, and insects that tropical climates produce. Their cities and structures are usually built among the trees of these forests, often of the living trees.

Avaian Magic

"The magic of the avali is not a constant thing, though it marks them out amongst the other races. None can match them for quantity of magic users nor, if the avali are to be believed, in quality. Avaian magic is not of the heart or the soul, but a magic of the intellect. Wordless, calculated, and methodical, with proper steps to be followed within the mind. Often the avali themselves do not know which of the steps are required, and which are complex triggers for their subconscious."

The basic classifications of the types of avaian magic are as follows:

  • plant shaping
  • healing
  • enchanting
  • summoning
  • seeking

A more detailed explanation of the limitations of avaian magic is not written down just yet, but it is worth noting some things they cannot do:

  • levitation
  • telepathy/mind-control
  • resurrecting the dead (sorry!)
  • shape change

An aval can have anything from solid abilities in all forms of magic to none at all to a few weak abilities to one strong one and any combination therein. Lately, however, fewer and fewer have abilities beyond the very weak, and often only in one area. An aval's powers do generally grow stronger with age, as the individual studies and gains mental discipline. It is difficult, however, to determine aptitude at birth.

While avali are not telepathic, any aval can "ping" other avali to determine whether someone is still alive or not. There appears to be no limit to the range of this ability.


  • A noticeable side effect of avali eyesight is their embarassing preference for garish colors. They can't see colors well otherwise. More often than not, their outfits will clash.
  • Avali clothing is very organic, with silk-like fabrics made from whole flower petals fused together and armor constructed of beetle chitin and tree bark. Plant fibers are made into everyday cloth, and preserved flowers are a popular adornment. Of course, enchanters have the skill to make these materials more durable than otherwise possible. Without enchantment elven materials would be impossible. It is very rare for an aval to wear leather as it has no advantage over enchanted plant-fibers and requires a rather messy process to acquire.
  • Avali have strongly-developed artistic sensibilities: ie, almost every avali has some artistic leanings. They are very aware of what is beautiful...and have strong opinions as to what is not.

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