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Full Name: Viidakon Tuli
Species: thrall
Age: 5

Vii is a young thrall female, raised among the ferenabu after her rescue by Foxeye and Rakyn at about the age of one. She has a vivid imagination, shifting personality, volatile temper, and a thorough appreciation of all things pretty. She is a colorful person in every sense of the word; under direct sunlight her scales take on an iridescent flame-like green reflection. Her name means "jungle fire" and comes from the pattern of her scales. Her childhood with the ferenabu tribe has been largely uneventful, albeit she has difficulties playing well with the ferenabu youth — and with her surrogate brother in particular.


Full Name: Yer'e Foxeye Vaeltaja
Species: yehr'aval
Age: ~400

Foxeye is a retired war hero, vigilante, and woodswoman with an ornery disposition and a tendency to bollocks things up. Years of augmentation by, and connection with, Rakyn have resulted in an unbreakable bond of spirits between the two, and some minor Source-awareness in Foxeye. She is among the most powerful and versatile of avaian magic users, and the combination of Foxeye augmented by Rakyn is nothing short of unstoppable. Fortunately for the world, Foxeye has some serious misgivings about using her avaian magic. Unfortunately to those who give her trouble, she has no misgivings about using a stout stick and sharp knife...and after 400 years, you get to be rather good at them.


Full Name: Rakyn Vaeltaja
Species: ferenabu
Age: N/A (dead)

Rakyn is an enigma. The guy got dead several years ago but still seems to hang around with Foxeye. If you believe Foxeye, that is, as no-one else can see him. They just see Foxeye chatting with her invisible friend, though to her credit both Ketai and Irianta claim to feel a presence every time he's around. When he was still alive Rak was a nomadic hunter-explorer traversing the lands with Foxeye. His youth was unspectacular and his source-awareness wasn't particularly prominent. Over time, however, his curiosity and pursuit of inner awareness and enlightenment led him to rank among the most powerful of Source-aware ferenabu. He died while helping to evacuate his tribe from a natural disaster some four years before the beginning of this story.


Full Name: Ketai
Species: ferenabu
Age: 100?

Ketai is a ferenabu female with a tendency toward solitary wanderings. She has a talent for understanding animal behaviour, and one of her unique quirks include keeping hunting dogs she acquires from humans. She's a skilled hunter, and specializes in using poisoned blow-darts to paralyze her prey. Irianta is her only offspring. She first met Rakyn and Foxeye in her adolescence, but it wasn't until years later that she befriended and joined them. She groks non-fere better than most of her people. Foxeye considers Ketai one of her dearest friends. Ketai considers Foxeye a very dear pet that often needs to be reminded how to relax, but who can also make life interesting — and life is all about stimuli.


Full Name: Irianta
Species: ferenabu
Age: 7

Irianta is the son of Rakyn, Ketai, and Foxeye. Biologically Ketai and Rakyn are his parents, but because Rakyn died before Iri was born Foxeye has been acting as his surrogate father. Nature played a cruel trick on Irianta in that his father is from the cold-climate stock of ferenabu while his mother is a runner-type from warmer climates. In other words Irianta has both too long and too big limbs for his torso. You try to work with that kind of a combination and not be clumsy. Despite his inherent clumsiness Irianta is a creature full of energy ... in the lots of momentum but very little brains sort of way. The world is just too full of wonders to pause and think, you see. And butterflies are so very tasty!

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